Travel optimisation

Most removal travels involve a trip with an empty truck. This is a shame in our age, when carbon footprint reduction is so important for businesses and the planet.  This area of improvement is probably one of the most promising factors to increase margins. 

Unfortunately, human efforts to spot “matches in heaven” is limited to the obvious and is grossly inefficient. That’s an area where artificial intelligence or just plain algorithms are particularly efficient and can do wonders. However, we have noticed that existing offers in the markets are either limited in their scope, ineffective for removals or just too complex to deploy. The devil is in the details.

Movinglab has refined its own methodology and algorithms to come up with a quite effective and efficient result. The result is measured in terms of “savings”, expressed in money and carbon footprint. The algorithm includes calls to real-time fuel prices and tolls and express savings in terms of labour cost, fuel, kilometric and cost per truck.

Do you want to know how much money you can save with that application? You should book a demo.

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Save time and money with optimised moving routes

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