Our mission

Movinglab is an innovation « lab » for the moving/removal industry.
We develop and deploy technologies for transport companies, specifically for removal businesses. These tools help to improve our clients’ top and bottom lines by enabling cutting-edge processes, customised for each client.
Why using our tech? The net profitability of the removal industry is low, with an average net profit of 5% in most of European countries. The best-in-class companies struggle to pass the 10% net profit mark. It is a tough industry, with many parameters outside its control, such as fuel and cardboard boxes costs, a tough labour market and quality imperatives. However, there is room for improvement – financial and operational – through the application of best practices. Technology is a powerful enabler for that. We felt the need for a technology that would :

Movinglab has tested, developed, implemented and refined its technology during 5 years in a removal service marketplace operating in France. The company has been  able to identify and track the key metrics, and gain valuable insights in the performance gains of applying the best practices along with the cutting-edge technology.

Our clients include a large removal group with revenues over € 100M and smaller companies with yearly revenues above €10M.

We estimate that the right technology – such as the one we provide – will enable most removal businesses to increase their net profitability by 2% to 5%. Why not try it?