movinglab is an innovation lab for the moving industry.


The professional moving industry is huge

in Western Europe
in the USA

Despite these numbers, this industry has been mostly been left behind by innovation during the last decades. There are still many inefficiencies in this industry. We evaluate the loss at a minimum of €5.5b a year in Europe and the US alone. 

Why the waste?




Supply side inefficiencies


• lost business due to wrong or delayed communication
• repeated overlapping tasks (such as volume estimates done by several parties)
• lack of access to relevant data in real time
• poor execution due to lack of information for movers
• misuse of capacity (trucks and manpower)
• lack of ressource-sharing




Demand side inefficiencies


• wrong analysis of customers needs
• poor customer service and lack of avai-30lability
• lack of pricing transparence for consumers
• high rate of customer property damage among many movers
• lack of quality benchmark and adoption of norms and better standards
• poor efforts in carbon emission reduction

As a results, movers have low net margins and are often struggling to meet ends, consumers have opaque prices and fear bad service, and intermediaries are struggling to make the market more efficient.

We think it is about time to go after these inefficiencies using modern technologies and leveraging the new behaviours of customers and movers, especially regarding the recent evolution of their relationship with tech and mobile devices/services

Our first brand launched in France is “Déménager Facile” (easy moving). This B2C marketplace enables consumers and movers to find each other more easily, establish trust and engage in high-quality transactions.

The service has been successful since day one and its growth confirmed our analysis : there was indeed a need for change, the tech was useful and the timing was right.

We are now launching new B2B brands and services during 2019 and 2020, in France and other countries. We feel privileged to be at the forefront of great positive changes for people, professionals, companies and the environment. This is coming to the moving industry at last.

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Main office :
107 quai Jean de Béthencourt
Rouen, France, 76100

Sales Office :
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Main office :
107 quai Jean de Béthencourt
Rouen, France, 76100


Sales Office :
55 rue La Boétie, 75008 Paris