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We help removal companies to sell more and improve profitability
Our technology enables you to improve all processes in the removal value chain.
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Unlock profit in your value chain

Each part of your business can unlock value for your customer and your company. Our product will bring improvement at every level in a coherent way. You can rely on this proven technology to bring more profitability.

You need to tweak and improve every part of the value chain : sales, removal management, quality control, travel optimisation and financial management. Our products will enable you to gain a few precious percentage points of net income.

The end result :

  • increase in revenues, with more sales, faster 
  • better gross margins on each sale, with more pricing information and pricing power given to the sales agent
  • reduced cost of sales, as faster sales are more effective and enable each sales agent to manage more leads, opportunities and clients
  • reduced costs from streamlined processes along the different business cycles, with more automated tasks, reduced risk of mistakes or incomplete information on each removal
  • better customer satisfaction beforen, during and after the removal through improved quality control and faster damage compensation
  • better management overview, with more data analysis and business intelligence capabilities. Seasonality is easier to forecast and manage. Operating cost are reduced further
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Some KPIs Attained With Our Products

lead to opportunity to customer
+ 0 %
opportunity to customer
+ 0 %
Customer Management Cost
- 0 %
Failed Cash Collection
- 0 %
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We help removal companies to sell more and improve profitability

Our technology enables you to improve all processes in the removal value chain.
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Get the right tools and go to the next level in profitability

You need more profitability to invest in the future, deliver returns for shareholders and improve employee compensation. For removal companies and in the current market environment, that is VERY hard. 

Our products help you to make the best use of technology and processes to improve every part of your value chain and gain precious percentage points of net result at every level : 

  • unlock value in each part of your business
  • empower your sales agents 
  • leverage the best technology
  • integrate with the applications you already use
  • bring Continuous Improvement (CI)
  • apply best practices and be ready for ISO certifications/compliances
  • lower your carbon footprint and save A LOT of money
Improve Profitability
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Carbon Reduction

Real-time optimisation of routes for effective transportation.
Find untapped opportunities to avoid travels on empty trucks, reduce carbon emissions and save on fuel, truck use, road fares and manpower cost
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Empower your sales agents

Your sales agents need powerful tools to create the best value for the customer and your company. By bringing sales agents an accurate view on gross margin for each component of the price, you enable them to build a great offer for the customer while protecting – and improving – your margin on every component of the quote .

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Integrate with the applications you already use

Your company probably has many existing technologies and suppliers. You do not have to change this. The applications we provide have APIs and can integrate your existing systems, providing they are modern and have open-end integration capabilities. Fortunately, it’s the case for most technologies on the market today.

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Best Practices: Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement (CI) is one of the best practices for your business. It is the ongoing improvement of products, services or processes through breakthrough and incremental improvements. We can consider the deployment of each of our products as bringing a breakthrough improvement, and the constant fine-tuning of resulting processes as incremental improvement. 

Over time, breakthrough and incremental improvement will deliver a substantial improvement to your financials through several indicators :

  • top line (more sales) through better conversion rate (opportunity to client) and transformation rate (lead to client)
  • reduced commercial cost (faster sales cycle with less costly processes)
  • better profitability per removal case through better financial information
  • better gross margin with optimised travel routes, avoiding trucks to return empty to depot
  • lower cost of quality control, with improved quality management 
  • bottom line measure by increased net income %, combining reduced cost and better margins 
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Ready for ISO standards and other useful compliance

Another best practice is to follow standards and getting compliance certification. It is a good way to win corporate clients. It demonstrates your ability to manage processes. Large clients sometimes include such standards in their procurement procedure requirement. More importantly, these standards are not just “boxes to tick” : when deployed correctly, they apply best practices to your business and help your staff to unlock some value.

Our products include the best practices in the removal industry, sales, IT security, RGPD and financial management.

Your company might be already compliant with the following standards, or might want to pass the following certifications :

ISO 9001

This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management,

the “process” approach (for example, each of your target customers such as B2C or B2B will become a specific ISO 9001 process with its related processes and traceability…) and continuous improvement.

Our products are ISO 9001-ready in the sense that they include everything to align your organisation and processes with the best practices recommended by this ISO norm. 

For example, the system can replace the generic term « incident » for problems that occur during a removal with the ISO 9001 term “non-conformance” (NC).

There are two types of non-conformances : minor or major non-conformance. The difference is how many corrective measures you need to put in to get your organisation back on course. These differences need to be evaluated and noted in the system for ISO 9001 compliance.


Furthermore, our Quality Management product distinguishes two categories of non-conformances specific to removals : the « damage » and the « fault ».

Types of damage :

Types of fault :

The claim management module is related to a material damage, which is settled by an insurance claim or an amicable settlement. A fault is immaterial and can also be settled by an amicable settlement.

If the damage and/or fault does not result in a satisfactory settlement for both parties, it becomes a dispute and can be settled through a 3rd party conciliator.

BS EN 12522

This is an industry-specific quality standard that is great and affordable for all types and sizes of removal companies, especially those who operate primarily in the private, domestic sector. This standard originated in the UK and was rolled out at other national standards bodies across Europe.

We recommend any removal company to pay close attention to this standard. It is quite practical and very simple. It is divided in two sections : 12522-1 which is the sales and the preparation of good quality removal, and 12522-2 which is the correct execution of a removal.

Our CRM application is tailored for the specificities of removal services and follows this standard.

ISO 27001/SOC 2

ISO 27001 (or its US equivalent SOC 2) specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system. This norm also includes requirements for the assessment and treatment of information security risks tailored to the needs of the organisation.

Because of the legal and financial risks associated with data theft, hacking and cyber attacks in general, it is key to reinforce your information system at all levels. Our products are designed to be a part of the security system by integrating the best practices. Your ISO 27001 certification will be helped  by the deployment of our applications.

GDPR compliance

Our products are designed to help your GDPR compliance. For example, all the personal information of your customers (name, telephone, mail, street name…) can be permanently deleted after a certain period of time (we recommend 1 year after removal service). The system will keep all the remaining information such as zip code, removal volume, date of removal, price, margin which is essential for Business Intelligence and business projection.

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Movinglab provides 6 applications. The full strength of the system is reached when all applications are deployed together.

Sales (CRM )

Bespoke CRM based on SalesForce

Sales (Quotes)

Instant quotes, e-signature and more

Removal management

Better planning and control

Quality Control

Cost-effective ways to manage breakage /customers complaints

Travel Optimisation

Advanced algorithms to find savings in removals

Financial Management

Payment management and financial fine-tuning

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