We have two kinds of pricing.

One-off licence/custom solution

Do you have a solid in-house development team with knowledge of Node.js and ReactJS? Do you want to take our applications and be free to use the code in anyway within your company or group of companies? 

If that is the case, this solution might be the best for you.  We will provide a non-exclusive licence to use all our code and deploy it according to your specific requirements. Your development team will be empowered to use the existing apps and code and push it to your specifications. They will adapt it to existing systems and processes.

Of course, we will provide the necessary support during this transition phase, and will co-write the new code if needed.

That solution is completely customised to your needs.  The cost is essentially a one-off licence cost with support and maintenance fees.


Do you want to deploy the solution rapidly according to your requirements?

If you have no development team, or a small development team limited in their scope of intervention (for example, you would rather have them focused on other projects or support), then the SaaS pricing is much better.

The SaaS offer enables you to deploy the whole solution or to choose among several components which one to deploy according to your needs.

The cost is essentially a monthly subscription fee, with a setup and a maintenance fee


Our technology concept is based on empowering your sales agents. They must have the best tools at their disposal, and it must be easy to use with a single user interface.

This single user interface we use is SalesForce, the #1 CRM in use worldwide. We have chosen SalesForce for its versatility, robustness, ease-of-use and its capacity to be highly customised to specific needs. 

SalesForce is the front-end of the system. We will provide you with SalesForce licences for your sales agents as needed.