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Déménager Facile

DéménagerFacile is our B2C brand in France. It was a great test in a market worth about €1b in professional moving services (moving made by pro movers). This marketplace was the first to offer instant pricing for consumers as well as load grouping and route optimisation for movers. Overall, we have been able to maintain great market prices for the consumer and offering great savings with grouping when available. Movers were able to earn much more.

How have we done it?

We have reduced waste and inefficiencies during the customer needs analysis. By treating leads in less than 2 minutes and by dedicating highly-trained professionals to Customer Service, we have been able to consistently raised the lead transformation rate to the best in our industry. 

By offering virtual visites from the customer’s smartphone, we have been able to reduce the cost of volume estimate from €80 (price of a house visit done by a mover) to about €25. With one virtual visite replacing 3 house visits in average, we have solved one huge inefficiency, freeing about €215 in value to be redistributed within the service process.

By offering route optimisation and grouping, we have started to significantly cut costs for movers. This parameter depends heavily on network economics, as more movers in the marketplace will bring more benefits for all. 

By investing in the best Customer Success solutions in the market and making them available to customers by chat, telephone and visio-conference 7/7 days, we have streamlined process and reduce waiting time whilst providing a much higher quality of lead management.




Lofty enables urbanites in Paris to free up living space in their small/expensive apartments. We deliver empty boxes, pick up our customers’ full boxes and other items (suitcase, bicycle, small furniture), store them in a secure place and deliver them on-demand, the same day. The service is managed by smartphone.
We have devised a retail strategy on top of traditional e-marketing for a service that changes the parameters of the traditional self-storage, a €2.5b industry in Europe.
– low entry cost at €14/mo vs €70/€100 for self-storage
– no need to leave home
– service management by app
– instant recall of stored items with in-app pictures
– same-day pick-up and delivery

Moving portal for the French Ministry of Defence

After extensive testing in 2017 and 2018, MovingLab was awarded a contract by the French Ministry of Defence in 2019 to provide relocation services to close to 10,000 military personnel and their families each year.

The system includes a mobile web application for consumers and a mobile application for movers. It is a huge change for the military personnel and the MoD administration services, since all processes have been completely reviewed, streamlined and optimised for the benefit of all parties.

No more papers! Users can easily use the moving services, benefit from 7/7 customer support to adapt the solution to their needs and order the ideal moving online in a few clicks from their smartphone or laptop.

The service is not open to the public for security reasons.


mobilio is a mobility service platform for the employees of medium-to-large companies. HR departments can decrease risks linked to geographic mobility : risk of relocation refusal, employees’ families cost of setting up in a new city, management costs inside the company. mobilio is our most ambitious venture so far and is currently tested by several large companies in France.

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Main office :
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Sales Office :
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